Bruce Sent Me.

Welcome to the website-in-progress of "Bruce Sent Me," the grassroots charity drive which has raised tens of thousands of dollars from generous, caring music fans. As you can see in more juicy detail on "The Story" page, it started with one post on an Internet message board devoted to Bruce Springsteen's music. In keeping with the nightly suggestion made by Mr. Springsteen during his concerts, fans were encouraged to donate online directly to select charities, and to include the phrase "Bruce Sent Me" in the "Comments" field of their online donation forms.

"The idea is to demonstrate in a tangible way what a difference the music we love can make in the world," wrote the poster known as "Jersey Soul" on the message boards of, a popular and highly respected music website. She encouraged fellow Springsteen fans to donate "in appreciation for the music and to prove that 'WITH THESE HANDS' we are making a difference." Literally within days, thousands of dollars were raised by people using those "three little words."

Since its inception, Bruce Sent Me has become well-known in the worldwide community of Springsteen fans. In addition to generating considerable sums and providing literally hundreds of thousands of meals for those in need, the campaign has raised awareness of the need to help those less fortunate, and has inspired extensive giving and "random acts of kindness" through the Bruce Sent Me structure and beyond.

  • The charities listed on our "How to Help" page are just a few examples of worthwhile recipients of your generosity. But there is no shortage of other worthy causes, so follow your own heart and conscience. Do what you can, in whatever way you can. It's all good.

  • Bruce Sent Me is not interested in collecting your money. We simply want to inspire you to share and to look out for those less fortunate. We were moved by Bruce's encouragement to "rise up" and we are simply here to pass that thought along. Although Bruce Springsteen is not affiliated in any way with Bruce Sent Me (if you're looking for his official site, a link is provided below), we'd like to believe he approves of the way we heeded his advice. If you feel it too, please share this idea with others in any way you feel comfortable. To borrow a phrase from the Boss, "Turn it up!"

  • If you would like to be included on the Bruce Sent Me mailing list, drop us an e-mail with the words "I'M IN!" in the subject line.

    We welcome your thoughts and your stories about how music (not just Bruce's) has inspired you to "do the right thing." Because that's what Bruce Sent Me is really all about.

    Please understand that this "movement" has grown faster than anyone could have anticipated. So we're doing our best to help it grow and flourish, which is why we needed to put up this humble little website to get all the information in one place. And with your involvement it will be better still.

    Thanks so much for playing "rock & roll will save the world!"

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