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Bruce Sent Me where?

  • Bruce Springsteen is one of many artists who have used their voices not only to sing, but to call attention to the problems of those less fortunate. He has made it a tradition at his shows to ask for support for foodbanks and service organizations across the country, and has helped raise enormous sums of money for people in need.

  • In the short time since the Bruce Sent Me train started rolling, fans from all over the United States and various parts of Europe have come on board. They have donated tens of thousands of dollars to numerous regional and local foodbanks, to America's Second Harvest, and to World Hunger Year (the group founded 30 years ago by the late, great Harry Chapin, another socially conscious musician). Please take a few moments to learn about the fine work that these organizations do every day, by visiting their websites via the links on this page.

  • The groups mentioned here are just a few examples of the wonderful organizations needing and deserving greater support, and the World Hunger Year website contains links to many others. There are worthy groups in your own community that need your help, and there is always an opportunity to be of service if you are so inspired.

    Our page will take you directly to the websites of foodbanks in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Oregon, and if you are interested in supporting hunger relief efforts in other areas, simply visit (see the link on the left), and enter your ZIP code to be directed to the foodbank nearest you. When you make your donation, simply include the words "Bruce Sent Me" in the "Comments" or "In Honor Of" field (or on your check, if applicable) to indicate that you are part of this campaign.

    Bruce Sent Me can try and point you in a good direction, but what matters is not where you give, or how much you give, but simply that you share what you can where someone needs you. Every little bit really does help.

"Just took a moment to check out the message boards. MY GOD YOU GUYS ARE GREAT!!! Talk about rallying the troops!! I'm in awe. We are soooo grateful to everyone, I can't even begin to express. Thanks so much for your role in all of this... I hope everyone has a fulfilling and peaceful Thanksgiving knowing that you had a part in something really big for a lot of people less fortunate."

-- Evelyn Benton, Branch Director, Community Foodbank of NJ, Southern Branch

"Your efforts are very much appreciated as the holidays approach and the need for food increases. Thank you all so much! With unemployment still at such high levels, the need for food continues to grow. Apart from the donations, you have helped raise awareness of the hunger problem in NYC as well. You really have made a difference! 'Bruce Sent Me' is becoming a movement. Also, touching news: we received a check from a Bruce fan in from California. Very nice: your movement has officially gone national."

-- Patrick Mooney, Director of Development, Foodbank for NYC